Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the app free to download?

Yes. It's free to download and you are given 50 free check-ins to test and try out the app. There is also a "demo" button on the top right of the app when you launch it, that will allow you to check out the features of the app. You can then purchase additional check-in packages for your larger events.Guest List App

Does the app sync and work with other iPads and iPhones?

Yes. The app works and syncs with all other devices that are logged into the same event. So you can have multiple people and/or points of entry at your event. For the real time sync to work, you need to be connected to wifi or 3G. If you are not connected to wifi/3G while checking people in, the app will sync as soon as you get back into a wifi zone. Note: 3G is not nearly as fast as WIFI, so if you can use a wifi hotspot, you should.

How do I upload my guest list?

Just create an account and click "add new event." Fill in some of the basic details of your event and then click "upload guests." You will then be able to upload a XLS or CSV file. Our system has an easy mapping function which will let you set which of your columns match the appropriate fields.

How does the "boarding pass" feature work?

You can check in guests two ways with the Check In Easy app.
1) You can just look a guest up by name and simply touch the check in button next to it.
2) You can have the system send each of your guests an email with a unique QR code on it and use the integrated scanner on your app. (You need an iPad 2 or iPhone 4 for this function)

After the event, can I download the guest list and will it tell me when each guest checks in?

Yes and Yes! After the event is over, you can log into your account on and click "download guest list." This will download an xls file that will show the date and time each guest checked in.

Can I add guests on the app at the event

Yes. There is an icon on the top left of the app when looking at your guest list that will let you add a guest where you can collect the data and information that you want from them. Their name will be uploaded and stored with the other guests on the list.

How can I turn on the text or email notification feature so I can be alerted when a certain guest arrives?

Once you guest list is uploaded under your account, you can search for the name of the guest that you would like to receive a notification for. To the right of their name under SMS and Email, click the red check mark and it will turn to green indicating that the notification is turned on.

Can I scan boarding passes with the app if I am not connected to wifi or 3G?

Using the scan function at this time only works when you are connected to wifi or your 3G network.

Tips for for best performance

When uploading and checking in a large list, it's best to shut down the other applications running. Our app constantly syncs with our servers and other devices, so optimal memory is needed. To shut off your other applications, double click the home button on your iPad/iPhone and press and hold the applications. This will make them jiggle. Then just touch the red X next to each app.

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