Check In Easy Testimonials!

Check In Easy Testimonials:

“Your app made such a difference at our Annual Sales Leadership Conference in London. We were able to check in our 250 delegates using our iPads in a matter of minutes. The user-centric search function made the process incredibly speedy and we added in additional notes such as their job title, and highlighted our Executive Leadership Team (VIPs). Thanks again – we will never have to use hard copies and pesky Excel spreadsheets again!”
- Lindsey Chynoweth, Event Specialist, Thomson Reuters

“Last night’s event – UNLV Foundation’s Annual Giving Spring Mixer – was terrific! We LOVED CheckInEasy! Pictures coming soon!”

- Tori Rogers Klein, UNLV Foundation

“Hope all is well and thank you for helping to make another event check in smooth and such a great success!!”- Dorian Trachtman, Event Manager, The New Yorker

“I am finally back in the office and wanted to THANK YOU so much for your help with the system.  It was a huge success and a hit amongst press people and other internal departments alike.”

“After years of using Excel spreadsheets, I came across Check-In Easy online and used it for one of our biggest tent-pole events of the year – the VMA’s. The system worked so seamlessly and quickly that we had press checked in quicker than ever before. Press outlets and internal departments alike were in awe over Check-In Easy and how simple it was to use. Beyond that, we were able to get a full list of who attended and who did not show up which is always helpful to us for future events. Everyone should be using Check-In Easy!”

- Tamika Young, MTV Communications 

“The Check-In Easy app not only expedited our check in process by eliminating those dreaded long lines but looked incredibly sleek and sophisticated too. In comparison to previous events, this was our most efficient check in system to date and more importantly gave us real-time attendee numbers. We’ll never go back to paper lists again!”
-Jennifer Pack, Manager, Strategic Marketing, NBC Universal

Guggenheim Museum

“Love it! The event was a HUGE success last night and we had an overwhelming number of people show up. The app saved me a lot of time and it left out that awkward moment you normally have when flipping through a binder and searching for someone’s name. It’s also helpful to have an App tell you how many people have checked instead of manually counting the names.”
- Emily Merrel, Marketing and Special Events Assistant, Tory Burch

“Check in was awesome like always! Thanks again for your help!”
- Emily Merrell Marketing and Special Events Assistant, Tory Burch

“I have been managing the door at events for over a decade and my experience as a guest at the Google holiday party was the smoothest I’ve ever seen.”
- Ben Whine, Director of Individual Development, Membership & Annual Fund, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Scott Perrin, Google’s Event Planner for their holiday party


While Check In Easy has proven to be an effective tool for a large organization like Google.  I’m also proud to report that we’ve found success at a much smaller scale at Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas.  On December 23, 2012, Jesuit Dallas along with our sister school Ursuline Academy hosted our annual Cocktails at Christmas alumni reception.  This brings young alumni from both schools together and traditionally there are 400-500 people in attendance.  This year, with the help of Check In Easy, we were able to not only keep track of who was in attendance (something that’s never been done before), but also update the attendees cell phones and email addresses on the fly, without holding up the registration process.  Oh, and we had nearly 600 this year, so even with the increased attendance, the check in process was as smooth as ever.

Check out this link to see photos from the event, even a few of the volunteers using Check In Easy on the iPads.

We often say that in the non-profit sector, we don’t have vendors, we have partners.  Thanks to you, Justin, and your team at CheckInEasy for being such a fantastic partner.

- Kevin P. Mullan, Director of Alumni Relations, Jesuit College Prep – Dallas, TX

“Just wanted to let you know our first weekend of events, 3 in which I managed using Check In Easy, were a huge success and our inaugural launch of using the app went off pretty much without a hitch!  Going into Michigan weekend we’ll be adding 3 more iPads per event and we are excited about  the smooth donor experience we’re providing!  Thanks for the one on one time via the phone getting everything set up.  Our fundraisers are thrilled with the data we are able to provide to them about who actually attended, etc.”
- Laura L. O’Sullivan, CMP, Events and Program Coordinator, University of Notre Dame

“Thank you so much for all of your help with the iPad and using Check In Easy on Friday. You were extremely helpful even as I was a little crazy! Everything went great and smoothly and was so helpful to have everyone on the site as well.”
– Jacqueline Gillespie, PMKBNC

“I used Check In Easy for our last event (nearly 2000 invitees), and it was a huge success.  I will be using it for every event we hold going forward.  Thank you!”
- S. Stevens, Bohler Engineering

“I can’t believe we waited so long! We just started using Check In Easy and we love it and we will be implementing it at all of our events. It’s easy to use, fast and it just makes sense. No more sitting behind a registration table… It’s up close and personal with our guests. And the support we received from Check In Easy was superb! Don’t wait…just do it!”
- Frank Accosta, Vice President, Lorelei Events Group

“Our event was a great success, and everyone was impressed with the iPad check in process.  We’re excited to continue using the technology going forward.”
-Lindsay Soson, Development Officer, Museum of Fine Arts Boston. 

“I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely loved using Check In Easy at our event last night! It was really great! I’ve already downloaded our guest list from the website today and am thrilled to have that info so easily!”
- Heather Johnson, Special Events Coordinator, Office of Advancement, Auburn University at Montgomery

“It worked out great. Thanks for everything”
-Alfonso Velez, IT Support Coordinator, DAVID YURMAN

“Rave reviews on the program from the staff doing registration. I was even called a GOD at one point. Of course I took all the credit. Seriously great program, I know another group that will buy it after what we did. In fact we had literally hundreds of people lined up ready to come in, within 20 minutes everyone was in. Amazing!”
- Beth Winkle, Publisher, Neuvo Bride Magazine
“This is the system we have been using all week. It’s amazing! We upload your excel lists into checkineasy and simply search for the name and check them off. It works with mobile devices such as laptops and ipads. The platform is super intuitive and has simplified our lives. I think it could do the same for you.”
-Alicia Schiro, JWT, Events Manager

“I just wanted to let you know the check in easy worked perfectly. It was extremely easy to set up and performed without fail. We loved that it was easy to map to headers for super easy uploading. Thank you for all of your assistance in preparation for our event and we will definitely being looking at keeping an account with check in easy for guest check in at our events.”
- Eric Harrison, IT Business Analyst, QVC

“Check In Easy is the perfect app for event planners and registration teams! It is very user-friendly and has all the functionality you need to create a seamless check-in experience for your guests. This is a great application if you have multiple staff that will be checking in guests. I love how all of the event information and guestlists are easily uploaded to an account you create We had 5 people on my registration team and each person had an iPad with the Check In Easy application on it. It was very easy to enter the unique ID code on each device and have all of the information right there! Our guests were extremely impressed with the way we checked them in. Some of them were event planners themselves and wanted to know what application we were using! At the end of the night, all of the check-ins from the 5 iPads synced together so we could have a final list of attendees. Justin Baer was also very quick and responsive with any question I had. I highly recommend this app!”
- Nisha Patel, Marketing Manager at The Fairmont Washington, D.C

Just wanted you to know how much we loved your software for our event last night. We had 4 iPads and everything went sooo smoothly!! I will do my best to spread the word!  Thanks for everything!
- Laura Wrasman, Publisher, Wedding Guide Chicago

Just want to send you a quick note to say that the app was flawless for our Halloween party.  It worked like a charm and we will not be going back to our chaotic paper system anytime soon.  You saved us a ton of time with your nifty app.  Thanks again!
-Brenna Hardman, Assistant Vice President at ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago LLC 

“The event went very nicely and you application did a great job for check in. Your idea of having back up list was good for people who did not know how to use the ipad when it would not work as they thought it should. Thank you for your help with this event.”

- Brad Grundy, Database Manager, East West Ministries

“CheckInEasy was incredibly helpful at our “Best Of The City” event. It helped check-in at the event run smoothly and efficiently and we will definitely be using this program from now on for all of our upcoming events.”
- Cori Moscowitz, Marketing And Public Relations, Manhattan Magazine

“Thank you so much for all of your help! Really appreciate you taking the time to walk me through everything. The app worked great and it was so much faster and way more efficient! Thank you again! Look forward to using it going forward!”
- Kim Eisenstaedt, Accel Partners

“Thank you! This was amazing on Saturday!”
- Veronica Martinez, CAROLINA HERRERA

“We can’t thank you enough for personally taking the time to help us on Monday night at our biggest event of the year – it was truly above and beyond! The check in went smoothly and I believe that having the software dramatically expedited our check-in process. In previous years, the back-up of 1,200 guests was overwhelming using hard copies (usually 20-30 pages long), and we didn’t experience nearly as much of that this year. We look forward to using CheckInEasy at future galas!”
- Alan Berquist, Development Database Manager, American Ballet Theatre

“We are up and running and checking in the early birds. Thanks for the great customer support.”
- Penelope Latiolais, Controller at Billeaud Companies

“Wanted to let you know that we’ve used the app for several smaller events in the past few weeks, and everything has worked perfectly. People have been quite impressed as well, which is great.”
- Ari Breakstone, Events Coordinator, Gladstone Institutes

Syfy Channel

“I just want to tell you how much I’m enjoying this application. I own a theatre company in denver, co and we do not issue paper tickets, so this app is an easy and efficient way to get my customers something tangible without having to print a receipt or confuse myself with a clipboard and tacky RSVP list with scribbles and scratches.”
- Reynelda Snell, AfterThought Theatre Company

“Thank you for your help with getting us set up with this App. It worked out great for us!!”
- R. Vela, Rackspace Hosting

“We have really enjoyed using Check In Easy”
- Alyssa Rosenblatt, Sound Shapes

“Attendees are still so pleased with how quickly we checked in everyone. Put us down for next year. Cheers!”
- John Hughes. Vice President, Development

“I wanted to reach out and say thanks.   The software worked great.”
- Brian Garavuso, CHTP | Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer | Diamond Resorts International®

“Rave reviews on the program from the staff doing registration. I was even called a GOD at one point. Of course I took all the credit. Seriously great program, I know another group that will buy it after what we did. In fact we had literally hundreds of people lined up ready to come in, within 20 minutes everyone was in. Amazing!”
- Beth Winkle, Publisher, Neuvo Bride Magazine

“Thank you so much. It went very well.  The check in was very smooth.  For your entertainment, I’ve attached a picture of the paper vs. iPad.  The iPad won.  One of our volunteers who checked in guests was delighted with checkineasy.  She is plotting how to use it for future parties and retreats.”
- Betsy Coile, Dallas Academy
“I just LOVE Check In Easy! What a breeze!”
-Taylor Montgomery, CMP, Special Events Officer, St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation, Inc.
“Hi Justin – just wanted to let you know that the event went great and the checkineasy was a great first impression for our guests.”
-Jennifer Mabee, The Carlu, Toronto
“We used your product over the weekend and loved it!”
- Laura Hoffman, Asst. Director, Special Events, Cleveland Clinic
“Done! Used it and absolutely love it. Needs a spokes person?! Lol”
- Jose Rivas, Events Manager, Portland Business Alliance, Greater Portland’s Chamber of Commerce
“My office recently purchased your app and have used it for 2 events.  Works great and very easy to use.Thanks!”
- Joni Malson, Assistant Director, Kennesaw State University
“We just had an event last night and used Check-In Easy for the first time. It went awesome!!! Plus, a lot of our guests were complimenting on how nice it looked!”
- A. Larreta, California State University“Thanks so much Justin.  Your service (as well as your customer service) is exceptional.  Have a great day.”
- Alissa R.
“We just used Check In Easy to check in approximately 100 guests at the TN Governor’s Residence in Nashville and everything went great. It’s nice to know that registration is one less thing to worry about.”

- Stacy Palado, University of Tennessee Foundation

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