3 Reasons Why You Should Become an Event Planner

David loves everything about throwing parties and has for as long as he can remember. He savors the thrill of finding the right location and relishes using his creativity to choose the right theme and decor. And nothing beats watching guests enjoy a successful event. But it was only his hobby until he realized he could make a living doing what he loved. Continue reading

50 Standout Event Technology Statistics


In today’s digital world, leveraging data gathered from event technology (like statistics) is the key to achieving higher ROI. Marketers can utilize new trends in event technology, like event apps and event automation, to increase attendee engagement, collect rich attendee data, and provide attendees with what they desire: an informative and enjoyable user experience. Continue reading

What’s Your Event App Missing?


What Attendees Are Looking for in an Event App

Events play an important role in any marketing effort and a successful event means higher ROI and an increase in attendee engagement. In order for events to be successful, the right strategies and support need to be in place, whether it’s new event tech, Event Automation, or a great venue. But what’s an event’s best friend? An Event App. Continue reading

The Plan of Attack: The Best Ways to Approach Event Planning

You’ve finally quit the job you comfortably fell into after college and are ready to jump into the career you’ve always dreamed of: event planning. From weddings to corporate events, you’ve had a knack for knowing what creates the best get-togethers. Although your goals are high and success is on your mind, you can’t help but wonder, “Where do I start?” Continue reading

5 Things Event Planners Regret Doing

You have just agreed to organize an event that is a couple of months away after a desperate call for a planner. Although you are excited to help, everything you normally organize for events just became ten times more challenging. For instance, you know that around 65 percent of attendees will become more interested in your event if you have an entertainer, but recognizable musicians will be difficult to find at such short notice. You realize that you’ve done it again: you’ve said “Yes” when the answer should have been “No.” Continue reading

Summer Event Planning 101

Congratulations! You’ve been just asked to plan a company’s annual summer concert. You’re excited, but you can’t seem to shake off just a bit of unease. After all, the event is only a month away, and you’ve never had to plan for a summer event before. Ski trips? Sure. Easter egg hunts? Of course. But summer is a whole new season with its own rules for event planning. Continue reading