Best Ways To Improve Your Event Team

Jeff thought he had a good team behind him at his event-planning business. Sure, they made little mistakes once in a while and weren’t always on time. But he could count on them when it mattered. That was until they were planning a corporate retreat for an important client. One team member booked the right caterer, but ordered the wrong food. Another staffer missed a deadline to reserve the client’s preferred speaker. Jeff lost the customer forever, and the blow to his reputation was even worse. Continue reading

Strategies for Last-Minute Event Changes

Harper had everything ready for a big event with a difficult client—until the last-minute changes started rolling in. Her client started questioning the venue, wondering if somewhere else might be better. He decided to add guests, even though the caterer’s deadline had passed. Then he wanted to change the speakers, though she’d already booked the original lineup. Continue reading

Best Event Planning Tools on the Market Right Now

Being an event planner is a stressful job. There’s so much pressure that it’s rated as one of the top 10 most stressful jobs—right up there with a police officer, firefighter, airline pilot, and enlisted military. You’re juggling guest lists, menus, venue options, clients, events, and on and on. And all those lists don’t help. There’s got to be an app (or software or program) for that, right? Continue reading

Hiring a Headliner – How to Select a Star Performer for Your Keynote Presentation

Top Tips for How to Select a Keynote Speaker

The centerpiece of any conference, company meeting, or special event is the keynote speaker. Selecting the right speaker can make the difference between a memorably successful event and one that is an embarrassment to the hosts. But don’t let that freak you out – we’ve got a cheat sheet to help you. Continue reading

What to Do When Your Event Is Getting out of Control

The planning had gone well. Rachel’s top choices for the venue, catering, and A/V were available. Everything was in place for a smooth event. But on the day of the affair, temperatures hit 98 degrees. Air conditioners around the city put a strain on the power system, and a brownout hit during the event. Rachel, though, had a plan in place and kept the guests happy until the power came back on. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why You Should Become an Event Planner

David loves everything about throwing parties and has for as long as he can remember. He savors the thrill of finding the right location and relishes using his creativity to choose the right theme and decor. And nothing beats watching guests enjoy a successful event. But it was only his hobby until he realized he could make a living doing what he loved. Continue reading

50 Standout Event Technology Statistics


In today’s digital world, leveraging data gathered from event technology (like statistics) is the key to achieving higher ROI. Marketers can utilize new trends in event technology, like event apps and event automation, to increase attendee engagement, collect rich attendee data, and provide attendees with what they desire: an informative and enjoyable user experience. Continue reading